相比与常规的流线型设计,伊刻活泉的包装因其独特的几何化设计在瓶装水品类中而脱颖而出 。

INIKIN is volcanic mineral water launched by Yili. For this daily consumer project, we needed to improve the product's identification by design methods while balancing manufacturing costs and efficiency, logistic rationality, and many other factors.

To convey the vitality of mineral-rich water, we used a geometric expression of volcanic rocks. When the bottled water receives light, it repeats complex glittering and irregular reflections inside and outside the bottle. It allows the unique nature of this volcanic mineral water to be delivered visually and tactilely.

All details focus on the consistency and simplicity of the design language. The label area is minimized to show more of the bottle's structure. The brand's logotype and graphics continue with the iconic triangular elements of the bottle shape. To express the water gloss, we added a layer of graphics pattern on the label using UV coating.

In contrast to the conventional streamlined design, INIKIN's package stands out for its unique geometric design in the bottled water category.

Product Design:Kazuhiro Yamanaka